• A Place of Healing
    Transforming Lives Through Healing Journeys
    A journey in self-consiousness, self-empowerment, and spiritual care
  • Aura Balancing and Chakra Clearing
    A journey to propel you forward in significant ways.
  • Adam Kadmon 24-Strand DNA Activation
    We have physical and spiritual DNA strands
    Enabling you to more fully and easily achieve your full potential as a human and spiritual being
  • Are You Ready for Significant Change?
    Profound Healing and Clearing on All Levels
    Release limiting karma and many unresolved issues and accelerate your spiritual growth


Welcome to A Place of Healing!

Our body's natural healing process is one of the miracles in the human experience of life. It occurs at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and is facilitated by our conscious and subconscious decisions to heal and what methods we choose to accomplish our healing. There is a plethora of energy systems available for the purpose of our healing process to compliment those of the medical model. This website offers some that I believe to be very effective, efficient, loving and critical in anyone's healing.

On this website you will find several services, classes and resources to assist you on your healing journey and that will propel you forward on your personal, professional, human and spiritual paths.

In addition, in the Resource Section I have listed a few websites and books with which I have had personal experiences and feel comfortable recommending for your consideration.

This is the perfect place to extend a loving thank you to the following individuals for their assistance in the creation of this beautiful website. Without them this would not exist and would definitely not exist in this warm, colorful, fun and easily-navigated format.

Thank you and much love to Rob and Julia Leos (www.inspiration-studio.com), Matt Farner, Jamie Paradine and Jeana deVroome (photography), Sarah Falzone, Peter and Jessica Brundage, Denise Gray, Kathleen Lambrix and Sid Paradine and our cat, Vivian and Grace.

A special thank you to my husband, John Brundage, my daughter, Sarah, Rob and Lily Falzone, my son and his wife Peter and Jess Brundage, for their continued support, encouragement, opinions, patience and love as I have traversed many avenues and teachers in search of my own personal power and wisdom. I love you all!

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