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Rising Star Healing

A Rising Star Healing is for those individuals who are ready for significant change within themselves and their lives. It works directly through the Chakras. The healing is very deep, continuing to work through the Charkas for 3 weeks following the healing session. During these 3 weeks the client is advised NOT to receive another kind of energy healing. It is highly recommended that those who are ready and willing to change their lives experience 3 of these sessions in a row. The 9-week healing is comprehensive and deep. It's a life changer.

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Prema Birthing Healing Modality

The Prema Birthing Healing Modality removes the negative contracts and energy between you and your physical earth parents, allowing a more direct and stronger connection to your Divine parents. This re-connection with the Divine parents allows you to heal relationships issues with your birth parents. This healing brings your relationships and soul contracts with your birth parents to a healthier level of functioning and higher vibration energetically. During the healing, the Divine literally pulls the person's ego aside to distract the conscious mind while the healing takes place. The session is an in-person hands-on healing that requires the receiver to lay on the floor in the fetal position. I am then divinely guided by your Higher Self on how to "unfold" your body gently and lovingly, thereby, rebirthing you into a much gentler and more healing birth process. This rebirthing allows old contracts to be amended and healed. You are then ready to step more fully into your "I AM" presence and begin life, relationships and contracts with your parents and others from a higher place. The Prema Birthing Healing Modality is a loving and very unique healing that can facilitate important shifts in your life, allowing you to more fully live in the light of who you are. This healing is done in person.

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Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting is a process for removing emotional attachments to others in our lives and allowing them to be re-established at a higher vibration providing the potential for healthier relationships. Energetic cords are established between us and those with whom we interact or develop a relationship. We are "connected" through these cords. Cord cutting provides an opportunity for a dysfunctional relationship to either be terminated or to evolve at a healthier and higher vibrational level. The process involves counseling prior to and following the session to assist you in preparing for the changes this will bring to your life and explain your part in completing the session energetically. It is important that following a cord cutting you REFRAIN FROM CONTACT with everyone in your life for a 24-hour period. The only exception is dependent children. This time alone provides you with a gentle, peaceful time to detach and regroup before you begin your relationships at a healthier level. This alone time means no cell phones, no internet connection and no personal connection. It is a time for YOU.

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Adam Kadmon 24-Strand DNA Activation

Because we are both physical and spiritual beings, we have physical and spiritual DNA Strands. At birth, when we take our first breath, the soul enters the body to allow our physical and spiritual bodies to connect. Generally, the process of connection naturally happens over time as we evolve spiritually through the experience of life, lessons learned, spiritual practice. The Adam Kadmon Activation totally connects your 12 strands of physical DNA and 2 strands of spiritual DNA immediately. This allows you to bring in the maximum amount of light into your being, thus enabling you to more fully and easily achieve your full potential as a human/spiritual being. This in-person activation includes clearing, balancing and alignment of the body's energies.

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Adam Kadmon Refresher

Sometimes people's lives are so fully engaged that they are not able to maintain their high vibration. This may result from an inability to practice their daily meditations and spiritual practice or their professional healing practice. A Refresher is just that - an opportunity to re-establish your high energetic vibration so you may continue to function personally and professionally once again.

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Usui Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of spiritual energy that uses simple hands-on or no-touch positions with the body. The goal is to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our bodies are an energy system made up of gases, liquids, solids and etheric energies. The health of these energies in terms of flow, balance and harmony is reflected in the health of the body. Conversely, when the body is not healthy, corresponding disturbances in its energies can be identified and balanced.

I am trained to detect these disturbances in the body's energy flow. Then, using Reiki energy, replenish the body's energy, organize it, balance it and thereby re-establish the body's natural healing capabilities, allowing you to deal more efficiently and effectively with life's challenges.

The session takes place on a massage table or massage chair. You will be instructed to wear comfortable clothing.

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Usui Reiki for Healing Pets

I have utilized Reiki in my work with veterinary clinics and owners of horses, cats and dogs to assist in their healing for a variety of illnesses and challenges. Private sessions can be arranged or the healing can be done from a distance. A distance healing is as powerful as an in-person healing session.

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Aura Balancing and Chakra Clearing

This session involves several balancing and clearing techniques that serve to remove blockages in your aura. In so doing, systems which have remained dormant until will be able to activate and assist you in moving forward on your path. When we are born there are structures in our auras that are meant to protect us as we evolve spiritually. Through life experience, lessons learned and accumulated wisdom, these structures are naturally released. This healing will release as many of these structures as your Higher Self permits. It is meant to propel you forward in significant ways. This decision is a serious one for those wishing to open to their potential as spiritual / human beings.

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