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Prema Agni

This symbol comes directly to us from the Masters, and opens the heart for Love to flow IN and OUT. It can be drawn on anyone, by anyone. On receiving this symbol, you pledge to donate $7 to a good cause, but not to the person who draws it for you.

You can find an instructional video demonstrating the Prema Agni on Derek O'Neill's website at www.SQ-Wellness.com. I can also facilitate you receiving one and teaching you to perform it for others. I also have copies of the written instructions for your use.

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Ho'Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is based in the belief that we are the creators of our reality. The most notable story of its power dates back to 1983 when Dr. Ihaleakawa Hew Len took over as the psychologist in the ward for the criminally insane at the Hawaii State Hospital; and without ever seeing a patent, using the Ho'Oponopono healed the staff and residents, resulting in clients being taken off medicines, released into the general population and healed. This resulted in a greater number of staff persons than patents and subsequently a closing of the ward.

You begin by doing one of the following or your own version of: 1.) Visualize the person, place or situation, 2.) Make a list of people, situations, etc., on a piece of paper and just go down it each day, or 3.) Have a picture, article, letter, CD, a small plastic globe, etc.

You look at whatever choice you have made above and say: I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU.

Some suggest that there are two stages of Ho'Opononopono. The first is the immediate response of peace and physical relaxation. The second is the results over time: how the person's needs are addressed and how they are directed to what is in their highest interests.

It is important to understand that when using Ho'Opononopono, one must let go of expectations and allow the experience of the journey. The Ho'Opononopono's power is in erasing the negative and inviting the positive into one's life.

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As a minister of the Church of the Sacred Earth, I am authorized and privileged to assist you in your desire to make the formal commitment of love through marriage. At the present time I am performing marriages in Michigan. You can write your own marriage vows or use samples I have available for your use. All ideas are possible. All ideas are acceptable. (Having said that, I do not do underwater or falling from the skies services)

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Spiritual Counseling

Using my experience in psychology, my initiations into spiritual schools and energy systems and my own spiritual evolution over many years with the help of my Spiritual Guides, Masters and Teachers, I offer one-hour spiritual counseling sessions for assistance in identifying, clarifying, releasing and healing challenges in your life which prevent your realizing your greatest human and spiritual potential.

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