My work in holistic healthcare is the result of years as a psychotherapist, life experience, lessons and more lessons and an introduction to the idea of humans as expansive spiritual beings going through a physical experience.
You see, in my 30s I began to awaken to the possibilities of alternative healing and alternative spiritual perspectives thanks to my sister, Kate Mikusko who introduced me to psychic readings. That one simple reading from Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, DD was the starting gate for a run that would change my life forever.
Since that time, I have experienced many more readings from people I highly respect and trust. In addition, I have personally received many healing modalities from wonderful practitioners and attended several workshops, trainings, readings and initiations from teachers for whom I will be eternally grateful. Those include but are not limited to Laurie Gudnason (, Derek O'Neill (, Jo Dunning (, Donna Eden (, Jeanne Groening, Ken and Dana Gray (,Kate Mikusko (, Sondra Shaye (, and Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, DD, (