Healing Workshops


Prema Birthing Healing System
Practitioner and Teacher Certification Workshop

This workshop is available to anyone wishing to become a practitioner and teacher of this powerful healing system. Prema Birthing healings assist us in stepping more fully into our "I AM" presence and begin life, relationships and contracts with parents and others from a higher place.

When you complete the workshop and receive your Prema Birthing Certification, your vibration will be raised allowing you to release more of the negative ego that prevents you from moving more efficiently on your life's path. You become a clearer channel of Divine Light, enabling you to more easily assist others in their healing process as they come to you for a Prema Birthing session.

Although you may decide not be a practitioner or teacher of this healing system, your higher vibration and the presence of the Prema Birthing energies in your aura will be available to all who come into your energy space.

The length of the workshop depends on the size of the class; however, it is suggested you plan on a day of lecture, discussion and hands-on experience. Practice time will enable students to give and receive a Prema Birthing session. I would suggest wearing cool, comfortable, loose clothing.

It's a life changer.

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Rising Star Healing System
Practitioner Training and Initiation Workshop

The Rising Star is one of the most complimentary and powerful healing systems on the planet at this time.

This healing system is one the most efficient I have experienced. It works directly through the 7 Chakra System and is brought through at a very high vibrational level.

This workshop is available to anyone wishing to become a Practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System. Upon completion of the class and initiation, you will be able to provide a Rising Star healing session in person or remotely.

The workshop begins with the initiation into the Rising Star Healing System followed by practice, receiving and giving a healing session and discussion and question-and-answer session.

Depending on the size of class, the workshop can take up to one day. I would suggest you come in comfortable, cool clothing.

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Usui Reiki Healing System
Usui Reiki I Practitioner Training and Initiation Workshop

In this class Reiki I and II are taught together. If the student desires to take just the Reiki I portion of the class, that can be worked out.

The student learns: the history of Usui Reiki, what Reiki is, how it works and how it can be used, the anatomy of the human as an energy system, how energy healing works, traditional hand positions used in a, Reiki session for themselves and others, intuitive methods and hand placements, how to give yourself a Reiki treatment, how to give others a Reiki treatment in person.

At the end of this portion of the training, attunements are given for Reiki I and students will give and receive a Reiki session, practicing their hand positions and intuitive skills

Following the practice sessions, for those interested, Reiki II is taught.

The student learns and is given: the Reiki II symbols, how to draw them and a complete description of their specific uses, instructions on how to give a complete Reiki session followed by practice sessions, instructions on various methods of doing distance healings with practice time, instructions on scanning for, energetic disturbances in the energy field, instructions on beaming Reiki energy.

During the session the students are given the attunements for Reiki II and practice distance healing, scanning and beaming.

The cost of the Reiki I portion of the class is $125
The cost of the Reiki II portion of the class is $175
Combined class is $250

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